Various Treatments Offered by Cosmetic Dentistry North York

Cosmetic dentistry implies a dental procedure that helps in enhancing the appearance of the teeth. This, in turn, enhances the confidence in the person. It is mostly applied to the ones that are chipped, discolored, broken, or missing.

The entire process of cosmetic dentistry aims at reshaping teeth, restoring short or worn teeth, closing spaces, or changing the length of teeth.


One of the cosmetic dentistry methods is bleaching. It is a chemical procedure that assists in whitening of the teeth. It comprises of a customized mouthpiece that helps in the regulation of the whitening solution that your teeth are exposed to. It is very easy to get it done at home on your own.


When you have gaps in between your teeth, then bonding would be the right procedure for you. It will fill in cavities, and also close spaces in between teeth.


A crown is basically a cap that has the shape of a tooth. It is used to properly cover a damaged tooth, thereby restoring it to its normal appearance and shape. You can get crowns in a variety of different materials. The most common one is a tooth-colored crown that gives a natural appearance.


With the right knowledge about Cosmetic Dentistry North York, you can easily improve the appearance of teeth, mouth, and smile.