Choose the form in which you would like to take the medicine

Irrespective of the type of medical problem that you are suffering with there is always a preference by you in using a particular type of medicine to cure your problem. If you are a frequent traveler and hence do not feel comfortable of carrying the liquid medicines, then the oil or liquid form of the medicines are not your cup of tea and hence you should and must choose the capsule type of medicines in which all the ingredients that are likely to provide the desired impact on you are packed in. Well, if it is the dosage of cannabis that you want to use, then you could check with the cannabis clinics about the availability of the capsules that you could carry with you wherever you go.

You could also take precautionary measures while carrying it outside of the country as not every country would allow the usage of this medicine and hence you should always carry the prescription that enabled you to buy the same from online. Also, you could explain on what reason you are using them so that no more questions would be asked by the security staff at the immigration or else at the entrance of a mall to where you go for shopping or to watch a movie with the family. Unless, it is a full day outing you may not have to carry the capsules along with. On top of that if you do not want to carry any sort of aroma of the cannabis in your mouth for a very long time and all that you may want is its impact on your body then capsules are the best option that you could go with.

So, look at the denomination in which the capsules are made available so that you could procure them for consuming the same for a month or more than that depending on your situation.